About Mogador Moroccan 100% Pure Argan Oil

Moroccan 100% Pure Argan Oil

Mogador Certified Organic Argan Oil believes in preserving tradition and business integrity. Mogador Argan Oil’s staff Chemist regularly travels to Morocco to ensure that our partner women run cooperative is producing the purest argan oil and preserving its integrity by ensuring that our argan oil is produced, tested, packaged and shipped according to the highest standards so that our customers will have the freshest and purest argan oil.

Mogador Pure Argan Oil is a Fair Trade organic argan oil product. Berber women producing Mogador Argan Oil are paid at above market wages.

Mogador Cold-Press Argan Oil Extraction Tested by Centuries

Mogador Argan Oil seeks to improve the standards in which the process of argan oil is created to preserve thousands of years in our product. The Argan tree is a relic of the tertiary era, it is extremely well adapted to drought and other environmentally difficult conditions. However, it is currently under threat due to excessive human exploitation. Traditional uses of the Argan tree are; forestry, pastoralism, food, medicine and cosmetics.

Mogador Argan Oil’s partner coop selects only the finest nuts and uses only the white kernels of the nut, where the best attributes of the argan oil are produced. The coop only employs local Berber women who have knowledge of centuries-old techniques for extracting this liquid gold. No solvents are used in the extraction process.

While most cooperatives use machines and solvents in their process to extract the oil, Mogador Argan Oil takes pride in its standards for hand pressing the oil. This laborious process involves hand-pressing the kernels between two large slabs of granite grinding them into a paste. The paste is then worked to extract the oil. This process is slow and requires an average of four hours to make a liter of argan oil. One Argan tree produces the equivalent of one liter of pure argan oil.

This traditional method guarantees a 100% cold press which yields the best quality for Mogador Pure Moroccan Argan Oil. This means you get the highest quality organic argan oil that has kept all its maximum potency with none of its nutrients lost. The final product is then packaged in UV-protected recyclable glass bottles in order to avoid oxidation.

Mogador Argan Oil aspires to differentiate our products from other argan oils by maintaining a traditional approach to the process and ensuring that our organic argan oil reaches our customers promptly.

We stand firmly behind our Organic Argan Oil and we believe that it is the best pure argan oil on the market.