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Argan Oil: a Gem Ingredient for all Redheads

Author: Carmina Alvarez

Redheads with sensitive skin need tons of moisturizing products, especially in colder climates. Thankfully, Argan Oil has been incorporated in countless cosmetic products, giving visible and immediate results on skin, hair and even on finger nails.

Argan Oil, commonly known as “liquid gold”, is a rare natural oil that comes from the Argan Tree of Morocco. Natives have used it religiously for centuries because it has extremely beneficial, natural properties. Argan Oil is enriched with fatty acids and vitamin E which means it is best moisturizer any redhead can buy.

Here are some of my favorite “redhead friendly” products with argan oil as the main ingredient:

SKIN: Argan Oil moisturizes skin and provides a healthy glow. It can prove to be a real miracle for redheads with super dry skin, and as far as oily skin is argan-oil-producsts-sensitive-skin-fair-skin-freckled-skin-redheads-how-to-be-a-redheadconcerned, not to worry! Argan Oil will NOT make your skin greasy or shiny. As matter of fact it calms the oiliness, replacing it with a healthy dewy skin. It’s rich in antioxidants, which is perfect for redheads looking to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, making skin look younger and softer. Try: Nivea Pure & Natural Anti-Wrinkle Day Care

HAIR: One of the reasons Argan Oil is widely known is because of the countless benefits it gives to hair. It gives hair a silky and lustrous finish. It nourishes and strengthens red hair from roots to tips because it restores humidity and delivers instant smoothness. Doesn’t weigh down hair, doesn’t accumulate any residue and doesn’t make hair look greasy or unwashed. Try: Mogador Certified Organic 100% Pure Argan Oil before you apply hot tools to your hair and to give a bit more love to your ruby locks choose Macadamia Deep Mask.

NAILS: Just as it does on the skin, Argan Oil repairs and restores any lines or cracks, and can help to restore brittle nails, damaged nail plates and dry cuticles. The nails will absorb the oil giving it a naturally glossy look and feel. Try: Essie ‘Grow Faster’ Base Coat

LIPS: A lip balm infused with Argan Oil will deeply moisturize the barrier of the skin to seal in hydration, provide protection, and offer nourishment. Choose a lip product that is fragrance-free, petroleum-free. Try: Josie Maran ‘Argan Balm’

Rock it like a Redhead!

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Published: December 7, 2013
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