100% Pure Argan Oil

Customer Testimonials


Jennifer Nation

Terre Haute, Indiana

I discovered Mogador 100% pure Argan Oil several months ago. My skin has always been a bit dry, and lately I’d been noticing more and more fine lines and wrinkles on my face. A friend recommended organic Argan Oil, and explained that most products with this vitamin and anti-oxidant rich oil contain only a small percentage of the actual oil. That’s why I chose this brand– because it comes from a woman-owned farm in Morocco, the exclusive home to Argan Oil, and it’s not mixed with anything to dilute its miracle properties. 100% organically grown (certified organic) Argan Oil.

I use Argan Oil every night after washing my face before bed. I apply a dime-sized amount and gently rub it in. I was so surprised at first that the product did not make my skin look or feel oily. It’s very, very light and has no scent. I use it on my hair when I’m having a “wild hair” day, and regularly rub it into my hands and feet. My husband particularly likes foot massages with Argan Oil!

I’ve bought a small bottle of 100% Argan Oil for all of the people I like most in my life, and they’re all hooked like me. It’s a great value for a little bottle of something that makes me feel a little bit luxurious! I also like that, by purchasing this brand, I’m helping women in Morocco who work in the cooperative.

My skin glows more than it has in years… Good stuff… Try it!

Toni Rivers

Muncie, Indiana

“Thank you so much!!! This is my big find of a lifetime! I LOVE this stuff. My skin was so dry that I could feel particles of skin moving under my hand as I rubbed it across my forehead! I was using Oil of Olay night time CREAM during the day and night. I decided to look at moisturizers on eBay and happened onto the argan oil. I wondered what it was and looked it up on Google. After reading about it I tried it. I cannot even tell you how good my face feels. It is not dry and it is soooooo soft like a child’s face. I had a line going across my forehead and now right in the middle the line does not exist anymore. I had a muscle cramp in my neck and after rubbing it on my neck the pain totally went away and did not come back. I am sure I am preaching to the choir – sorry – LOL. I plan to buy at times to give as gifts. I don’t want to be out of this stuff, so I will be in touch. I am telling my friends and family about it and where I got it..”